Changes In Joliet For All Landlords

The City of Joliet has passed an amendment to the Systematic Rental Inspection Program. This affects ALL landlords. If you own any property you do not reside in, and someone else does, this is considered a rental property, per the ordinance.

The ordinance also specifies that even if no rent is paid or the unit is occupied by a relative 8-152 (h), it is subject to the rental program. The new amendment requires you to register with the City of Joliet and obtain a license to operate the rental property. The registration form is available here:

Once we receive your registration form and the license fee of $100, a license will be issued. It is the owner’s responsibility to register and obtain the license. Please be sure to complete and return the form and payment as required.

In addition, the new amendment requires all rental units to be inspected. This includes single-family rental homes, two-unit homes where the owner resides in one of the units, and condo units that are rented out. Many of these properties were previously exempt from the program.

The City will schedule the first wave of these properties for inspection starting in January 2023. You will receive a letter notifying you of the inspection date and time. Please be aware that scheduling this inspection may take some time as we work through all the newly regulated properties.

After you have completed your registration and obtained your license, you may continue to operate your registered rental as usual while waiting for your inspection to be scheduled. More information and a copy of the Rental Inspection Program Ordinance can be found on our website at

If you have questions, please contact Neighborhood Services at (815) 724-4090.