Three Channahon police officers suffered minor injuries after they tasered a Chicago man for resisting arrest, DUI and other offenses. It was on Sunday, September 1, 2019 at approximately 2:42 a.m., Channahon police officers were investigating a handicap parking violation at the Thornton’s Gas Station at 24144 W. Eames St.

While in conversation with the vehicle’s driver, Darell T. Leverson, officers observed an open alcohol container and could smell the strong odor of an alcohol beverage emitting from the vehicle. Officers also learned Leverson’s driver’s license is suspended.

For several minutes, Leverson refused to exit his vehicle and did not comply with officer’s instructions. Leverson began to flee the scene as officers attempted to remove him from his vehicle. With officers at the driver’s window, Leverson revved the vehicle’s engine then engaged the vehicle’s drive. Leverson drove his vehicle into a plastic covered cement barrier causing significant damage to his vehicle. Leverson put the vehicle in reverse continuing his efforts to flee. As Leverson drove in reverse his vehicle’s rear tires struck stop sticks placed by officers. Leverson drove forward a second time striking a second plastic covered cement barrier.

With officers still at the driver’s door, and multiple Thornton’s patrons in the immediate area, an officer successfully deployed a Taser in an effort to mitigate Leverson’s actions. Once the Taser was deployed officers were able to safely remove Leverson’s from his vehicle and take him into custody. Leverson was not injured.

Three Channahon police officers suffered lacerations during the incident. Two officers were treated on scene. The third officer was treated at and released from Morris Hospital. Leverson was booked into the Will County Adult Detention Facility on several charges, including Aggravated Resisting, Aggravated Battery to a Police Officer, Driving Under the Influence, Driving While License Suspended, Illegal Transportation of Alcohol, Handicapped Parking violation, and Operating an Uninsured Motor Vehicle.