Charge Filed Against Former Joliet City Council Member For Alleged Blackmail Accusation

A former Joliet City Councilman was charged with a misdemeanor in Will County Court on Thursday, connected to accusations that he was being blackmailed by the Mayor of Joliet. Don “Duck” Dickinson has been charged with Attempted to Obstruct Justice, which is a misdemeanor. Dickinson resigned from the Joliet City Council in November of 2020 after announcing that Mayor Bob O’Dekirk was attempting to blackmail him. It’s believed the blackmail accusation were allegedly connected to nude photos of the former Council Member. Mayor O’Dekirk has denied any involvement in a blackmail scheme against Dickinson and stated back in 2020 that he was considering filing a police report against Dickinson for the false allegation. The investigation into the matter was conducted by the Illinois State Police.  The Will County Court records show that Dickinson must report to court on April 11th