Wilmington Police have announced that charges have been filed against two men accused of attacking a juvenile on the evening of August 31st. It was in the 100 block of N. Kankakee Street that 23-year-old Charles L. Neese III and 20-year-old Kaleb L. Findlay approached several juveniles and challenged them to a fight. When the juvenlies refused it is then alleged that Findlay reached across the fence and struck a 17-year-old in the face. When the victim refused to fight, Findlay then told the teen that he would break out his car windows. Findlay then proceeded to enter the victim’s car without permission and began rummaging through the vehicle. When the victim attempted to stop Findlay from going through his vehicle, both Findlay and Neese then jumped the victim and began striking and kicking the juvenile. The two men were eventually pulled off of the victim and then fled the scene. The juvenile was taken to the hospital by family with a dislocated shoulder, two black-eyes, and several lacerations on his face.

Charges have been filed against Neese for Aggravated Battery, Mob Action, and Battery. Findlay has been charged with and Aggravated Battery, Mob Action, Battery, Assault, and Criminal Trespass to Vehicle. Findlay was arrested at his residence on September 30th and transported to the Will County Adult Detention Facility.