City of Lockport Installs Electric Vehicle EV Charging Station

The City of Lockport announcing the installation of a new Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station, level II. The dual port station was provided by ChargePoint Inc. and is located at City Hall, 222 E. 9th Street in the west parking lot.

The station is now fully functional and available to the public. The City is not currently assessing a service fee. To initiate a session, motorists can download the ChargePoint app or visit their website to create an account. The City is providing the charging station as a service for area residents and guests, and attract additional visitors to the downtown.

A grant from Will County in the amount of $3,500 helped to offset the cost of equipment and installation. Across the United States there are currently 33,042 public charging stations according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DoE) website.

Within a 10 mile radius of the City, there are 44 public charging stations, and within five miles there are five public charging stations. The new charging station at City Hall will be the second charging station available to the public within City limits.