Small businesses in Will County have until September 28th to apply for the 24-million dollars from the Small Business Assistance Grant Program. Will County received 120 million dollars from the Federal government thorough the CARES Act to help communities impacted by COVID-19. The money has to be spent by December 31st of this year or it has to be sent back to the federal government. Will County Board member Kenneth Harris says the money was received in April and says it’s not everyday that Will County receives such a huge amount of money. He says they hired a consultant to help organize the website for local governments and businesses to apply for money.

WJOL is reporting that while Joliet represents over 20% of the county’s population, it is only receiving 3% of the CARES Act money. But Harris says nothing is written in stone and will re-evaluate what communities receive.

Small business need to apply by September 28th and may receive up to $15,000 in grant assistance. To apply click here.