Could Threat Of Violating Governor’s Guidelines, Sideline NorthPoint Vote?

The threat of the coronavirus may affecting a big vote on the NorthPoint development on Tuesday night in Joliet. The Joliet City Council is expected to vote on the annexation of 12-hundred acres to allow for the NorthPoint development called the Compass Business Park. Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker is issuing new guidelines related to the spread of COVID-19. Pritzker has requested all public and private events in the state expecting to attract more than 250 people be canceled or postponed until May.

The Say No to NorthPoint group expects hundreds to show up on Tuesday in opposition to the development. A press conference was held last night at Nowell Park Recreation Center put on by the “Say No to NorthPoint” group as well as residents from South and Southeast Joliet. Pastor Warren Dorris of Prayer Tower Ministries in Joliet was at the meeting and says the big take away from the meeting was that there were a lot of different issues with NorthPoint. Dorris says they common goal to have a place to live in peace, where we can live safely without increased truck traffic.

So far, Tuesday’s meeting at the Joliet City Hall to consider the annexation of 12-hundreds is scheduled as planned.