An explosive Joliet City Council meeting last night. Councilman Don “Duck” Dickinson issued a statement at the end of the meeting saying he’s the target of a blackmail and harassment campaign over a relationship he had with another consenting adult which included nude pictures of Dickinson. He is accusing Joliet Mayor Bob O’Dekirk of blackmail in a complaint he made with the police department.

The statement read as follows, “I feel I have been harassed, badgered, tormented and now blackmailed unfairly. This is over a personal relationship that I had a few years ago with another consenting adult. Photos were sent between us, for us and for us only.”

Meanwhile, a deal to pay out former Joliet Coporation Counsel Marty Shannahon was voted down after Councilman Dickinson voted against it . Councilman Hug tore into him and admitted that in executive session Dickinson agreed to approve it but Dickinson switched his vote.