Will County Clerk Lauren Staley Ferry has placed a copy of her 2019 Consolidated Election Report to the Will County Board on her website for the public to read.

The County Clerk presented the report to the Will County Board’s Executive Committee on Thursday. During that session, she presented highlights from the report and fielded questions from County Board members about various costs and practices.

“This is the first time in recent memory that a written report on an election has been presented to the Will County Board,” Staley Ferry said. “My goal is to be as comprehensive and as transparent as possible. We want our local elected officials to understand the challenges we face as well as the steps we take to protect the integrity of our elections and to guarantee that every voter has convenient access to the ballot.”

The County Clerk noted that turnout during the 2019 Consolidated Election was a disappointing 13.16 percent. However, she and her staff are required to prepare as if 100 percent of the voters were planning to cast ballots during this election.

“You come to the realization quickly in this office that there is no such thing as a small election and that voter turnout doesn’t measure the work our staff devotes to this process,” she said.

Staley Ferry intends to release similar reports following every election.

The County Clerk’s report can be viewed online at www.thewillcountyclerk.com and clicking on the “What’s New” icon.