County Clerk Staley Ferry announces new look for Vote By Mail packets

Will County Clerk Lauren Staley Ferry is pleased to announce a sleek new look for the Vote By Mail packets that will be mailed to Will County voters later this week for the June 28 General Primary Election.


The County Clerk expects to mail roughly 13,000 Vote By Mail Ballots on Thursday, May 19. Under the Illinois Election Code, this is the first day election authorities may begin mailing Vote By Mail Ballots.  


“Registered voters who choose Vote By Mail will receive new color-coded envelopes that will make it even easier to cast their ballots from the comfort of their own homes,” County Clerk Staley Ferry said. “In addition to making the process more convenient for voters, our redesigned envelopes will save Will County taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in postage over the years as the number of people who choose Vote By Mail continues to increase.”


All instructions are contained on the green Ballot Secrecy Envelope that voters will receive in their Vote By Mail packet. Voters must seal their voted ballot inside the green Ballot Secrecy Envelope, then sign and date the outside of this envelope.


Voters should place the sealed green Ballot Secrecy Envelope inside the provided Return Envelope with a matching green bar on the left. They can place the Return Envelope directly in the mail because the postage is prepaid. Or they may deposit the Return Envelope in one of nine Vote By Mail Drop Boxes conveniently located throughout Will County.


Vote By Mail Video: County Clerk Staley Ferry released an instructional video that shows voters how to complete their Vote By Mail packets. The video is contained in the following link:


Permanent Vote By Mail List: Starting this year, Illinois law allows voters the choice of placing themselves on a Permanent Vote By Mail list. Voters who select this option will automatically receive a Vote By Mail Ballot prior to every election they select until they remove themselves from the list or until they move outside Will County.


Applying To Vote By Mail: Voters may submit applications for Vote By Mail Ballots, including the Permanent Vote By Mail list, through Thursday, June 23 in one of the following ways:

  • Visit and click on Vote By Mail to complete our online application. This is the easiest way to apply.
  • Email our office at [email protected].
  • Call our office at (815) 740-4615 to request an application.
  • Or visit our office at 302 N. Chicago Street in downtown Joliet.


Applications must be completed and submitted before a Vote By Mail Ballot can be mailed to a voter’s home or secondary residence.


For complete information on Vote By Mail, including how to apply and where to locate a Vote By Mail Drop Box, visit