COVID Strikes The Will County Courthouse

Four Will County Correctional Officers based in the new courthouse court-holding facility have tested positive for COVID-19. The first case came on Thursday, November 5th, when one of the Correctional Officers went to the hospital for a separate medical issue, tested positive while in the hospital. The next morning, another Correctional Officer who worked closely with the first officer exhibited symptoms and also tested positive for Coronavirus. Not too long after, two more correctional officers who work in that area tested positive. The area was closed last Friday upon notification of the COVID cases, and 17 correctional and civilian staff were sent home to self-quarantine and to be tested.

Transportation of the inmates to and from the Adult Detention Facility has also been stopped.The facility will remain closed and reviewed in two weeks to determine if the area and staff are clear of the virus and normal daily activities, and some who can work from home can where feasible, or on altering schedule within their divisions.