Coworkers Showering At Man’s House Were Allegedly Videotaped

A Lockport man has been arrested after allegedly videotaping a coworker showering at his house.

It was on Friday, August 18, 2023 that a victim came to the Lockport Police Department to report that he had been recorded without this consent. The victim, a 37 year-old-male, advised officers that on August 17 of this year, he had gone to a coworker’s house to prepare for a work function in the evening hours. The coworker, identified as 36-year-old Brian Ericksen, of 16813 Magnolia Drive in Lockport, commonly allowed coworkers to go to his residence between work functions so they did not have to drive out of their way to go home first.


The victim advised that he took a shower in a guest bathroom in Ericksen’s home, and, when he got out of the shower, he noticed a vape pen charging on the counter. When the victim looked closer at the charger, he discovered that the charger was a covert surveillance camera that was pointed at the shower. Videos from the device showed the victim undressing, using the toilet, and entering and exiting the shower. The videos of the victim and of the device being set up were the only videos on the device. The victim took the camera and the recording media and brought them to the Lockport Police Department to file a report as he had not consented to being videotaped.


Following an investigation, it was determined that Ericksen had placed the surveillance camera in the bathroom in such as way as to record individuals using both the toilet and the shower. Detectives were able to secure an arrest warrant for Ericksen for Unauthorized Videotaping. Ericksen was arrested on Monday November 6th, by the Will County Sheriff’s Office and was taken to the Will County Adult Detention Facility to await a Pre-Trial Detention or Conditions of Release Hearing on Tuesday.

Following Tuesday’s hearing Will County Judge Dave Carlson released Ericksen as per the SAFE-T act provisions.