Source: YouTube

WJOL has learned that Third Coast Intermodal LLC project along Route 53 in Joliet has applied for and received a temporary construction permit from IDOT to enter and exit the construction site where the warehouse complex is being built. Third Coast Intermodal is part of NorthPoint. A year ago, it came to WJOL’s attention that an illegal gravel entrance was put into place without IDOT approval. Within a few days that gravel road was removed.

Currently, construction vehicles can only make a right turn into the project and a right turn out of the project onto Route 53. That then requires vehicles to make a U-turn along the stretch of Route 53 causing dangerous driving conditions according to WJOL listeners. Earlier this week one listener said there were seven concrete trucks along Route 53 waiting to make a U-turn to go the opposite way.

As of this morning, there are no signs posted along Route 53, warning drivers that there is a construction site ahead.

Watch the video and wait for about the :45 second mark to see the line of trucks making U-turns.