Dog in Plainfield Rescued After Falling Through Ice

The Plainfield Fire Protection District rescued a 10 month old German Shepherd this morning after the dog had wandered onto a frozen pond and fell through the ice near Drauden Road and Catherine Drive in the Fond Du Lac Subdivision. Just after 7 am a 9-1-1 call was placed by a nearby resident who observed the dog fall through the ice. While enroute to the scene the response was upgraded because a caller to 9-1-1 stated that there was another nearby resident in a kayak trying to rescue the dog. Upon arrival there was a man in a kayak approximately 65 feet from the shore near the dog who was treading water. Firefighter and Paramedic Bill Cascone put on a cold water rescue suit and went into the water to rescue the dog. Lt. Brian Stevens and Firefighter and Paramedic Dennis House pulled them to shore. The dog had a collar with an identifying tag which allowed rescuers to contact the owners who had already began searching for their missing dog named Maverick. While the owners were on their way to the scene Maverick was warmed up for cold exposure and it was observed that he had a laceration on his leg from the ice. Maverick is under the care of a veterinarian and is expected to make a full recovery. The Plainfield Fire Protection District would like to remind everyone to please stay off the ice. There is no such thing as 100% safe ice. The Plainfield Fire Protection District was assisted by the Will County Sheriff’s Department.