Dozens Of Patients Being Treated For COVID at Silver Cross While St. Joe’s Hospital Sees Nurses Getting COVID

COVID-cases continue to surge across the country including Illinois. A record number of COVID-19 cases reported yesterday, over 99-hundred cases with 97 deaths. It’s starting to rear its ugly head in the healthcare community. At St. Joseph Medical Center in Joliet, five nurses have come down with COVID in one unit last month alone. As cases increase the burden on healthcare workers increase. Brock Meade with the Illinois Nurses Association says nurses at St. Joseph medical center are under staffed. In an ideal situation nurses would have a 1-1 patient radio but in the ICU nurses have 4 patients. Plus in one unit, five nurses have contracted COVID in October.

When nurses get sick, they have to stay away from work for 2 weeks. Meanwhile at Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox they are treating 82 patients with COVID and 6 patients are under investigation for possibly having coronavirus.

AMITA Joliet/md