Dozens of Street Car Races Thwarted In Joliet and Shorewood

Local police departments plus Illinois State Police thwarted a possible street drag race at the Louis Joliet Mall on Wednesday night. Joliet Police, Shorewood Police and Illinois State Police were told of about 50 cars in one of the empty parking areas of the mall. The heavy police presence prompted the vehicles to leave the and go to the Target along Route 59. Joliet Police received a number of tips regarding the race through social media and other means. The street racers do donuts and street racing in the parking lots.

The 50 motorists who left the Louis Joliet Mall and headed to Target along Route 59 in Shorewood, where they were greeted with a heavy police presence by JPD and Shorewood Police. The motorists quickly dispersed.

Joliet police tell WJOL that, “All departments did a great job. Intelligence sharing and mutual aid works.”