The Village of Elwood has filed a lawsuit to stop the construction of a bridge related to a NorthPoint development. According to a press release from Elwood, the “Village was notified last month that East Gate-Logistics Park Chicago, LLC, an entity associated with NorthPoint will build a bridge over Route 53 at Walter Strawn Drive. East Gate asserts that a 2007 annexation agreement obligates the Village to cooperate and assist East Gate in its efforts to build the bridge. The Village disagrees that it owes such an obligation.”

“On March 1, 2019, the Village of Elwood preemptively filed a lawsuit in the Will County Circuit Court. The purpose of the lawsuit is to have the Court determine the rights and obligations of the parties pursuant to the annexation agreement.” The Village says they are “confident the Court will agree the Village has no obligation to assist East Gate in its bridge-building efforts.”

In September of last year, NorthPoint Development withdrawn its application to build a warehouse park in Elwood. The application was due to expire but the company withdrew its application one day prior on Sept 13th, 2018. If NorthPoint allowed the application to expire then they would have to go through the plan commission process again. Elwood residents voiced their opposition to NorthPoint.

Currently NorthPoint owns 167 acres off of Route 53. The planned Elwood Compass Business Park would include an 850 acre parcel of land.