Elwood Residents On the Hook For $38-Million; Opposed To NorthPoint

A group called “Say Not To NorthPoint” says were surprised to learned that Elwood is in major financial debt. Katie Hunt tells the Scott Slocum show that up until this past March, residents were told Elwood was in great financial shape.

NorthPoint wants to build a $1.2 billion logistic park on 22-hundred acres of land in Elwood. The developer of NorthPoint told WJOL this week that if they get to build their logistics park they would pay off the $38-million debt owed to CenterPoint. The NorthPoint project could bring an extra 16-thousand trucks a day to the area according to a new traffic study that will be released shortly. Hunt says Elwood does not have contiguity to annex the property. In 2015 Hunt says Elwood trustees made a motion to place a moratorium on changing any zoning to industrial in an effort to slow the industrial growth.

Hunt is calling on those against the logistics park, to go to a site called, no2northpoint.com to learn more.



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