Elwood Village President Has Message For NorthPoint; Thanks Governor Pritzker

The newly re-elected Mayor of Elwood, Doug Jenco has penned a letter on Friday, April 23rd issuing a statement to NorthPoint.

On behalf of the Village of Elwood, I want to thank Governor Pritzker for putting community concerns before corporate interests.

Our Village supports development, but it must be smart development—Development that fosters a safe environment for our residents and enhances our community. Truck traffic already overwhelms our infrastructure and services. Northpoint promises they will solve our local traffic issues and keep trucks away from Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery. However, anyone with common sense knows that adding thousands of trucks per day to our roads will not solve any traffic issues. Anyone with a map knows that every single one of those trucks will be dumped into our Village and funneled right alongside Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery.

Our Village listened to Northpoint’s offer. We also listened to the concerns of our community. We decided that the common interests of our residents and neighboring communities should be placed in front of the special interests of a Kansas City corporation. The peace of our buried warriors and their families should be prioritized over this corporation’s profits.

To our residents and neighbors standing up against Northpoint: Know that our Village will continue to stand with you. To Northpoint: Take your bridge, take your trucks, and take it somewhere else.