Family of a Joliet West Grad and Quincy University Student Say Daughter’s Attack Was Racially Fueled

The family of Jazzpher Evans who continues to recover following a vicious attack allegedly by a bar owner in Quincy will hold a press conference today in Joliet. They’ve retained Attorney Keenan J. Saulter of Saulter Law P.C. in the case and believe the incident was racially fueled. Evans who is African American and a Joliet West graduate was at a bar  on Saturday with a white classmate. Both were standing at the DJ booth asking to change the music when the bar owner allegedly attacked Evans. The family says she was violently pushed against the wall. Then grabbed and thrown to the ground, placed in a full choke hold and strangled her until she lost consciousness. He allegedly dragged her her “lifeless body out of his establishment and slammed her to the ground. Not knowing or caring is she was dead or alive,” according to a statement by Saulter.

In addition to her significant physical trauma, Saulter says, “she has and continues to suffer great emotional trauma due to this savage life threatening beating.”

Jazz Evans injuries

Evans is a freshman at Quincy University in Quincy, Illinois. She was recruited and joined Quincy University’s Women’s basketball team on a full athletic scholarship.

The Quincy Police Department issued a statement saying they are working closely with the Adams County State’s Attorney’s Office in what is a complex investigation. Officers are watching videos and interviewing multiple witnesses. While we understand the demand for “quick justice”, it is important that the investigation is thorough and proper.

Quincy police are asking if anyone was at The Barn at the time of the incident, to come forward. Chief Robert Copley noted that no off-duty Quincy police officers work as bouncers at the bar.