FDA Approves  Machine That Can Detect COVID-19 In Minutes

Some good news: the FDA has approved a new machine that can detect Coronavirus in mere minutes.

Abbott Laboratories’ new machine can give positive results for Coronavirus in as little as five minutes.  The machine, about the size of a toaster, can give negative results in around 13 minutes.

The Maine-based company plans to start making 50,000 of these machines a day beginning Monday now that the FDA has fast-tracked its approval.

While several industries have taken a huge financial hit during the coronavirus crisis, there are a few that are currently booming.

With gyms closed, people are buying home exercise equipment and bicycles.

Those wishing to remain indoors are propping up the booksellers and purchasing all kinds of electronic goods, while others participating in social distancing outside are picking up gardening supplies and games.

Interestingly, coffee seems to also be something flying off the shelves.

If you ask University of San Francisco scientific researcher Jeremy Howard, we should all wear masks in public to help “flatten the curve” when it comes to fighting the coronavirus.

But with the Personal Protective Equipment in short supply, the next best thing would be to go the DIY route.

Pointing to studies that prove the effectiveness of covering your face, Howard details in The Washington Post how to create one with simple materials found around the home.

Fashion a reusable mask out of a cut-up old cotton t-shirt or with paper towels and rubber bands, you can make a disposable one.