Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Oswego Community School District

A federal lawsuit filed on Thursday against the Oswego Community School District for not taking action against a teacher accused of grooming and sexually abusing at least one high school student. Attorney Bob Fioretti with Dispardi Law group says this teacher was already suspended in another state after being found guilty of 6 counts of misconduct.

The teacher was suspended in Iowa for 12 years after being found guilty of 6 counts of misconduct and then was able to get a teaching position at Oswego High School and victimize more students.
The alleged abuse dates back to 2006 and 2010 in Illinois and Iowa. The name of the teacher is being withheld because he has been criminally charged. Fioretti believes the teacher is now in Nebraska.

Fioretti is advocating for a one strike policy plus a removal of the accused in the school until an investigation is completed. He also would like to see a public website that lists the offenders and their history so they would never be hired again.

The teacher at Oswego resigned in the fall of last year during the investigation. The full interview with Bob Fioretti can be found in our podcast section.