Filing Error Removes Current Joliet Park District Commissioner From Ballot

Joliet Park District Commissioner planning on running for re-election will not be on the ballot this April. Kevin Paul says due to a filing error, his name will not appear on the ballot. Paul issued a statement thanking Joliet for the last fours years.

“I’d like to first thank the Joliet Community for their support the last 4 years. I’ve learned so much and look forward to the opportunities the Park District will continue to provide for me and my family. Unfortunately, at this time, due to a filing error, I am not on the April ballot. This was an unforseen [sic] circumstance. I’m currently working to rectify this situation with my team. You never know what the future holds. I believe things happen for a reason, and with that, I will use the next couple of years to better myself and focus on my family. I love coaching and helping in the community. I am looking forward to building those relationships at St. Paul’s and Joliet West. Joliet will always be that small big town, and Im [sic] grateful for all the individuals in this community, the current board, and all the Joliet Park District employees. The lesson learned here is a sad one, but happy days are ahead. Thanks, Joliet!”

Paul was seeking a second term. Commissioner Jennifer Jobe-Gavin will not seek re-election. Both were elected in 2019. Commissioner Joe Mutz was elected in 2021. On this year’s ballot there were going to be three people running for two spots. Due to the filing error there are only two candidates on the April 4th ballot, Richard (Rico) Raasch and Eric Perez.