Final Design Released For Joliet City Square

City Square will bring a vibrant gathering place to Downtown Joliet. Located across from the Rialto Square Theater, at the corner of Clinton and Chicago Streets, City Square is uniquely positioned to take advantage of regional destinations and to build upon the historical significance of U.S. Route 66.

The development of City Square is complementary to the Chicago Street Reconstruction project, and the streetscape plan for this project is being developed simultaneously. The Chicago Street Reconstruction project implements a redesign Chicago Street from Jefferson Street to Webster Street to reestablish the identity of this corridor as a street that is safe for all types of transportation. Both projects advance the high-level conceptual designs from the Chicago Street Corridor Plan (2018).

The design includes a central green space that is bifurcated by wide, paved pathways; a “red carpet” pavement connecting the Square to the Rialto Square Theatre; a main permanent stage; a family gathering area with a smaller stage and interactive elements; shade structures; three planters with water features; trees within planters that provide additional seating opportunities; custom seating area; unique lighting; a large, outdoor, LED video screen; and a space for large-scale public art. The design contemplates the space being used for large-scale and / or seasonal special events in addition to the daily visitor. These design features include the space for an annual holiday tree and its mounting components; space for an iceless skating rink; space for a large temporary stage to be trucked-in for major events (such as New Orleans North); and a Square framed by curbless “flex” streets / alleys that allow these streets to feel like an extension of the plaza.

To view the entire power point click on the image below.

City Square Plan – Joliet