First Day of In Person Learning For 900 Lockport Central Campus Students Going To Lincoln-Way North

The first day for freshman students at Lockport Central Campus to travel to Lincoln-Way north. Some can be dropped off at Lockport East while others can walk to Central campus and wait for the shuttle bus there. Usual bus routes will not be changed. Below is the latest update from Lockport School District 205.

Traffic Flow on Wednesdays & Drop Offs: Please note that students, parents/guardians, and staff will experience a significant increase in traffic pattern/congestion at East Campus particularly on Wednesdays to allow for Freshman students who get dropped off by their parents. Freshman students who typically get dropped off by their parents/guardians at Central will have two options: 1. Freshman students can be dropped off at East Campus after 7:15 AM near the doors at the East Campus Auditorium on the Farrell Road side. Buses will begin to leave for Lincoln-Way North High School at approximately 7:35 AM. Freshmen will wait (a few minutes) for a shuttle bus to go directly from East Campus to Lincoln-Way North High School. If there is inclement weather, freshmen can wait inside the East Auditorium for a shuttle bus to arrive and depart to Lincoln-Way North. 2. Freshman students can also be dropped off at Lincoln-Way North High School Main Entrance as early as 8 AM and sandwich board signs will be available outside the campus for directions. Parents/Guardians can line up in the front of the Lincoln-Way North High School building to wait for their child at the end of the day in the same place they drop them off and students can be picked up at 2:00 PM.

Freshman Walkers: Morning: Students who are walkers can continue to walk to Central Campus and enter at Door 3 on 12th Street. The doors will open at 7:20 AM and freshmen can wait in the Veterans Foyer for a shuttle bus to depart to Lincoln-Way North High School. The shuttle bus will arrive at approximately 7:30 AM. During dismissal time, freshman walkers will be the last round to be dismissed and wait for a shuttle bus at the Performing Arts Center doors at Lincoln-Way North. All other freshmen who didn’t board at Central Campus will be dismissed at Lincoln-Way North and shuttled back to East and wait for their regular bus route to go home. Freshman students who are closest to East Campus can walk to East and get a shuttle bus to Lincoln-Way North High School. At the end of the day, they will be assigned a bus to East Campus. Once they arrive at East Campus, they can walk home.

Freshman Bus Riders: Students who typically take the bus will continue to ride their regular bus routes. On Wednesdays, freshmen will not have a late start and they will follow their regular (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday) bus route schedule in the morning to allow them to start their day at Lincoln-Way North and follow the new bell schedule.

Transportation: LTHS D205 bus drivers are committed to transporting freshmen students to Lincoln-Way North and the district will have 22 shuttle buses (daily) to provide transportation to freshmen families at no additional cost. The shuttle buses and bus drivers are not contracted outside of LTHS D205, they are current hires by employees of the district. If a parent/guardian has a question regarding transportation, the Transportation Department phone number is 815-588-8900.

Food Services: The District will be providing a limited number of cold meals (cold sandwiches or wraps) for students to purchase. In addition, cold meals will be provided for all students approved for free or reduced-priced meals. Otherwise, students are encouraged to plan on bringing a bagged lunch.

Central Campus Locker Items Retrieval: Student locker items will be given to freshman students at Lincoln-Way North.

Traveling Students: Central Campus traveling students have the option to attend East Campus classes in-person and be stationed in the Maroon Room to complete their eLearning classes with their Central Campus teachers. East Campus students who travel to Central for in-person classes should go to the Maroon Room to join their online Central classes.

Lockport Academy & CCC: The Lockport Academy will have815 three classrooms that will be moved to Lincoln-Way North with our staff and the district will provide transportation. The CCC will remain at the Lockport Township Building Community Center for in-person learning. –

General Questions: If parents/guardians have any general questions, contact the District Office at 815-588-8100.