First Hand Account From Videographer Following Sunday Night’s Altercation Involving Joliet Mayor

The man behind the video camera who captured an altercation between a protester and Joliet Mayor Bob O’Dekirk is speaking out. “T” from R.T. Productions was out Sunday night recording events of the evening when he saw and filmed an altercation along Jefferson Street in Joliet. “T” tells the Scott Slocum Show what he observed when a man was restrained by the Mayor of Joliet.  “T” says “he didn’t see anything when the man tried to walk by the Mayor,” and reminds everyone that the mayor was not in uniform when the altercation occurred.

“T” says he didn’t witness the protester getting out of hand. He says the mayor grabbed the man and pulled him toward a squad car and brought him down to the ground. That’s when another man got involved trying to help. That man turned out to be the first man’s brother. The brothers sustained injuries.  Mayor O’Dekirk had a different view of what happened when spoke with WJOL. He says he was first pushed by the man. For more on the Mayor’s explanation click here.

The second video shows police punching their fists into the ground. Meanwhile, Joliet area pastors are calling on the Mayor to resign and the Illinois State Police is investigating the incident.

To hear the entire interview with “T” from R.T. Productions click below.