Motorists were stuck for hours on I-80 westbound following a five-vehicle crash near I-355 that involved three semi-tractor trailers and two vehicle. One man died and four others being treated for minor injuries.

At approximately 4:26 p.m., all lanes on Interstate 80 westbound east of Interstate 355 and the left lane of Interstate 355 northbound were shut down for the traffic crash investigation and cleanup of debris. At approximately 6:08 p.m., Interstate 80 westbound at LaGrange Road and LaGrange Road to Interstate 80 westbound ramp were closed. At approximately 1:21 a.m., all lanes were reopened.

ISP reports a semi-trailer failed to stop for traffic, rear-ending another semi near milepost 141, just east of I-355. The impact of the crash caused the two semis to veer left, colliding with a third semi. One of the semis rolled over and another became engulfed in flames. A third truck struck a fourth vehicle that struck a fifth vehicle.

The driver of one of the semi-tractor trailers died. Twenty-eight year old Sukhwinder Singh, of Bellerose, NY.