The Fixer Can Help!

Is there something wrong in your neighborhood, your community, your county for that matter? Have you been asking to get something fixed or taken care of and the powers that be just don’t get around to it?

If so, you need to enlist the help of The Fixer. Go to and tell us what you need help with and Scott Slocum and the morning crew will do everything they can to get the problem taken care of.

The Fixer is real and The Fixer can help you!

Submit your request below:


Thank you for contacting this radio station! By contacting us and submitting an issue or problem that you would like our help in resolving (the “Problem”), you acknowledge and agree that neither the radio station, nor our parent company Alpha Media LLC (together, “Alpha”), are responsible or in any way liable for the Problem or the resolution of the Problem. You further acknowledge and agree that the Problem may not be resolved at all, may be resolved in a manner with which you are unhappy, or may be resolved in a temporary or incomplete manner and that Alpha shall not be responsible or liable in any such case. Receipt by Alpha of a request to resolve a Problem does not constitute Alpha’s agreement to resolve or attempt to resolve the Problem. Unless otherwise agreed to by Alpha, Alpha will not resolve or attempt to revolve any Problem itself through actions other than advocating for its resolution by a third party. Alpha will determine in its sole discretion the appropriate third party to resolve or attempt to resolve the Problem. Alpha may begin, end, or suspend any action with respect to the Problem at any time in its sole discretion, including without limitation before the Problem is resolved.