Ford And Other Automobile Companies Dropping AM Radio On Electric Vehicles

Your next electric vehicle may not come with AM radio. Some EV manufacturers like Ford, Audi and Volvo have dropped AM radio from their dashboard’s claiming the electric motors interfere with AM radio’s reception.

But if you want to help keep free, local radio in cars, like WJOL-AM 1340 then now is the time to act. Take action today and tell your legislators why you depend on AM radio. Your voice matters.

Local radio stations keep us connected. They provide the news, sports, weather, traffic and music that we depend on. And during emergencies, local stations offer a lifeline to keep us safe, informed and connected.

You may still stream radio from vehicles that do not have AM radio but streaming is at least 40 seconds to a minute behind and can go down as many of our listeners have experienced. When seconds matter during a weather event or emergency, AM radio direct from your vehicle is the most reliable and immediate option.

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