Forest Preserve District of Will County Nature Show, ‘The Buzz,’ Debuts This Week

The Forest Preserve District of Will County is rolling out a new monthly online program that will keep you up to date on all of the latest Forest Preserve District nature news. “The Buzz” will debut at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 29, on the District’s Facebook Page, Future episodes will be posted on the last Wednesday of the month and they will be available on the District’s YouTube page, The program also will be carried on local cable television channels in New Lenox, Romeoville and Tinley Park, for starters, and possibly on other stations as the months progress. Interpretive naturalist Suzy Lyttle will host the show, and she will be traveling around the county highlighting different aspects of the preserves, including wildlife, recreational opportunities, history and restoration efforts.

Each “Buzz” program will be 22 minutes long and will feature four to six separate segments. The first episode will include segments on Snapper Pond at Goodenow Grove Nature Preserve, the recent Hine’s emerald dragonfly larvae release at Lockport Prairie Nature Preserve and the wide variety of birds nesting at Lake Renwick Preserve. For instance, Lyttle said she will educate people about snakes and all they offer to the environment, and even the “gooey” eating habits of eagles as they rip their prey apart, something she viewed while scouting out the Lake Renwick video shoot. For the past several years, the Forest Preserve has produced a wide range of videos, from beehive basics and underwater excursions to kayaking in the preserves and close-up views of a bald eagle nest. For more information on the Forest Preserve District of Will County, visit