Former Speaker Madigan to be Indicted

Former Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan is expected to be indicted this afternoon. Chicago media confirmed that the U.S. Attorney out of Chicago will announce Madigan’s indictment, though details have yet to be released. The Chicago Tribune reports it’s connected to the nearly decade long bribery scheme utility Commonwealth Edison admitted to in the summer of 2020. The Chicago Sun-Times shared elements of the indictment that alleges the “Madigan Enterprise” engaged in interstate commerce and constituted an “ongoing organization whose members functioned as a continuing unit for the common purpose of achieving the objectives of the enterprise.” The indictment alleges the goals of the enterprise, led by Madigan while using his official office as Representative and Speaker, were to enhance, preserve and exercise Madigan’s political power and financial well-being.

Until January 2021, Madigan was a Chicago state Representative. He was Speaker of the House for much of that time. Gov. J.B. Pritzker worked with Madigan for two years of his term in office. “I have heard accusations over time,” Pritzker said. “I have kept my distance, and very importantly I really have believe and you’ve heard me say it over and over again, i’ve pushed legislation, that we have got to root out people in public office if they have committed acts of corruption.”

More details and reaction is expected.