Foster Announces 3.45 Million in Funding for Grand Prairie Water Commission

Last week, Congressman Bill Foster (IL-11) joined leaders from the Grand Prairie Water Commission (GPWC) to announce $3.45 million in federal funding, which will help the Commission bring an alternative water source to the region. Foster requested and secured the funds as Community Project Funding in the federal spending bill for Fiscal Year 2023. The funding will be used for infrastructure development costs as the commission, currently in formation, undertakes the work necessary to use Lake Michigan as its new water source.

“We are grateful for the chance to host Congressman Foster and the leadership of the future Grand Prairie Water Commission in Romeoville today,” said Romeoville Mayor John Noak. “Congressman Foster stood with us when we announced this commission last year, and this Community Project Funding (CPF) shows he continues to stand with us in Washington.”

“During my time in Congress, I’ve fought to ensure every household has access to clean, safe, and affordable drinking water,” said Foster. “This past year, I secured nearly $3.5 million to support the Grand Prairie Water Commission’s efforts to tap into Lake Michigan as its primary source of drinking water and, previously, I worked with Rep. Underwood to secure nearly $3.5 million to help replace aging water mains in Joliet. These projects will ensure the region has clean, reliable, and sustainable drinking water
for decades to come.”

Announced in August 2022, the Grand Prairie Water Commission consists of six southwestern suburban municipalities that face anticipated water quantity and quality challenges. Together, the communities have teamed up to form the GPWC and bring treated Lake Michigan water, purchased from the City of Chicago, to the area to meet the needs of residents and support continued growth in the region. “The City of Joliet is grateful for Rep. Foster’s leadership and his partnership on this project,” said Joliet
Mayor Terry D’Arcy. “These funds will help reduce long-term costs of the system and benefit ratepayers, and we can’t thank him enough.”

Added Shorewood Mayor Clarence “CC” DeBold, GPWC chair, “This is a federal investment that will help our whole region. We appreciate the Congressman’s support as we continue the engineering and planning necessary to deliver a sustainable water source to our communities.” Planning and engineering for the Commission is currently underway, with construction of new water supply infrastructure anticipated to begin in 2024. Last month, the Chicago and Joliet city councils
approved a 100-year water supply agreement that will be transferrable to the GPWC upon its official formation, planned for early next year.