Friday Press Conference to Show New O’Dekirk Video

Joliet faith leaders are holding a press conference Friday at 2:00 pm to show video that they say will show a potential pattern of brutality and abuse of power by Joliet Mayor Bob O’Dekirk.

This video will allegedly show O’Dekirk aggressively assaulting a handcuffed black man then tackle a Hispanic man from behind. Joliet faith leaders Bishop Steven Evans, Pastor Warren Dorris and Pastor Herbert Brooks had previously called for O’Dekirk’s resignation following an incident May 31 involving O’Dekirk forcibly shoving a young black man who was walking along the sidewalk on Jefferson Street and Stryker Avenue. O’Dekirk has repeatedly stated that he was defending himself during the confrontation.

This new video was taken perhaps over two decades ago while the mayor was a Joliet police officer on duty. It shows O’Dekirk forcefully jerk a black man who was handcuffed behind his back over a park bench. The video then  goes on to show O’Dekirk running tackle another Hispanic man over his back from behind, forcing him to the ground and holding him down by his head.

During the press conference, the relevant portion of the video will be shown, and copies of the entire video will be provided to media. In order to accommodate the video displays, it will be held at Prayer Tower Ministries Church of God in Christ, 500 Stryker Avenue, Joliet, where Dorris is pastor.