From Amazon Hiring To The Cookie Monster Helping Kids At Home

As companies all over the country were furloughing employees last month, Amazon was doing the opposite, hiring 100,000 people to fill new positions created to meet the increased demand. And now officials at the online retailer say they still don’t have enough employees.

Amazon is looking to fill 75,000 new positions as soon as possible, the company announced Monday. “We continue to see increased demand as our teams support their communities,” a statement reads. “And we are going to continue to hire, creating an additional 75,000 jobs to help serve customers during this unprecedented time.”

Moreover, Amazon has raised the hourly pay for warehouse workers by $2 and doubled their overtime pay through the end of April. Combined with the money that will be paid out to the new hires, the expansion is setting Amazon back more than $500 million, officials say.

Now that many Americans are working from home office fashion has taken a turn. An article in the Wall Street Journal helped develop the new term, “business mullet,” which is normal business attire up top and party below.

With increasing video calls, many have opted for a collared shirt of office-appropriate blouse and may sport shorts, sweats or yoga pants on the bottom.

It is worth pointing out that how you dress, even during quarantine, can change your attitude and puts you in a different mindstate.

Cookie Monster is helping to keep kids entertained while quarantined at home. One of the most beloved Sesame Street characters is hosting weekly videos online. The series is called ‘Snack Chat.’ Cookie Monster talks about important healthy habits like washing hands. He also goes over healthy snack options. The chats happen every Tuesday on YouTube and Facebook.