Funding on Hold For Joliet Area Historical Museum Until Council Can Read City IG Report

Funding for the Joliet Area Historical Museum was put on hold by the Joliet City Council on Tuesday. The vote was 5-4 to table the quarter of a million dollar grant for 2024. Some council members want to take a look at a city inspector general report following the museum letting go 13 employees and volunteers in March.

Former museum employee Mary Beth Gannon says they all got along well until about a year ago when management changed. She complained to HR about the way some employees with disabilities were treated among other things and says she, along with 12 others including volunteers were dismissed.

Quinn Adamowski president of the museum board, disregarded disparaging remarks and says the proof is in the pudding when it comes to the success of the museum.

The $250-thousand dollar grant is tabled until February 6th. Joliet Mayor Terry D’Arcy was the tie breaker and voted to table the grant vote along with Joe Clement, Jan Quillman, Larry Hug and Suzanna Ibarra.