Tragedy may have struck one local man arguably more than another and co-workers of Chris Luttrell are holding a fundraiser to help him out. Joliet Jr. College Police Officer Christ Luttrell recently lost his home to a fire. But years ago he lost his wife to cancer and became a single father of two. Then tragedy struck again. After his daughter gave birth to his grandchild, she died following complications from diabetes. Most recently he lost his home to a fire.

Co-worker Suzie Stockwell spoke with WJOL and is partnering with Heroes West Sports Grill in Joliet to raise funds for Luttrell. The fundraiser will be held on Thursday, October 17th between 4:30 and 7:30pm. No donation is too small. Stop by and purchase raffle tickets and 50/50 draws with all proceed to benefit Chris.

Hereos West Sports Grill/courtesy Joe Pecora