Glasgow Announces Darrius Brown Sentenced to 9 Years in Prison for 2018 Aggravated  Domestic Battery of Girlfriend

Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow announces that Circuit Judge Carmen Goodman on Friday sentenced Darrius Brown, 42 of Plainfield, to nine years in prison for a 2018  attack on his then-girlfriend. Brown was sentenced to 9 years in prison for Aggravated Domestic  Battery (a Class 2 felony), as well as 4 years for Aggravated Unlawful Restraint with a Deadly  Weapon (a Class 3 felony), and 4 years for Unlawful Restraint (a Class 4 felony) to be served  concurrently. 

On March 17, 2018, defendant Brown was at the Plainfield residence of Jamie Hollingsworth,  the mother of one of Brown’s children. Hollingsworth was not present, and Brown was there  with his girlfriend Elizabeth Balbuena. Brown, who according to Balbuena had been acting  paranoid that day, became enraged after a phone call and threw a cell phone at her, splitting the  skin on her shin area open. After throwing the phone, Brown grabbed the back of Balbuena’s  hooded jacket as she tried to go down the stairs, causing it to choke her, while telling her she was  not going anywhere. He proceeded to follow Balbuena around the house, telling her she wasn’t  going anywhere without him. Brown then grabbed Balbuena with both arms and shook her,  smashing her head and back into the door of the closet near the entry, leaving visible bruises. He  then put his forearm across her neck, constraining her breathing. 

Brown stopped momentarily when Balbuena’s five-year-old son asked what he was doing. After  the boy left the room, Brown grabbed a nearby hammer and wielded it as if he was going to  strike her, while still holding her with his full body weight against the closet door. Brown then  forced Bulbuena to drive him to his mother’s house in Chicago, with her son in the car. Once  they arrived, Brown stole her cell phone and ran into his mother’s apartment. Balbuena  followed Brown, trying to get her phone back, and Brown punched her in the eye. He also kicked  and hit her, pushing her up against a wall and a table, again hitting her head on the wall. Then 

Brown, who was wearing Timberland boots, threw her to the ground and repeatedly kicked her  about her body. At one point during the attack, Brown held himself up off the ground using the  door frame to enable him to repeatedly stomp the victim with both feet. Bulbuena was treated at  

the emergency room for severe bruising over her entire body, a black eye, cuts on her face and  shin, and dizziness. 

On the date of Brown’s attack on Balbuena, Hollingsworth was in the hospital for extensive  injuries she sustained in a prolonged four-day attack by Brown that occurred from February 9  through 13, 2018. Brown was found guilty on October 8, 2020, of Aggravated Domestic Battery  in that attack following a bench trial in front of Judge Goodman. He was sentenced to 8 years in  prison. 

“Brown is a serial domestic abuser with a history of violent attacks against women, as shown by the fact that the mother of his child was in the hospital recovering from extensive injuries she suffered at Brown’s hands at the same time he attacked the victim here. He also violated no contact conditions imposed by the Court more than fifty (50) times during the pendency of these two cases,” Glasgow said. “And the litany of offenses continues. His record also includes convictions for an attempted armed robbery in which he hit a woman in the face with a gun and broke her jaw, and arson in which he lit the car of the mother of another of his children on fire. Added to this, Brown was held in contempt of court in the current case after yelling profanity  and sexual slurs at the judge, Assistant State’s Attorney, and Assistant Public Defender – all of  whom are females. Brown is a gutless misogynist who preys upon defenseless women and no prison sentence is long enough to undue the savagery he perpetrated here.” 

The sentence will be served at 85 percent, with 4 years of mandatory supervised release. It will  run concurrently with the 8-year sentence he currently is serving in the Hollingsworth case. He  will receive 1429 days credit. 

Glasgow commended Assistant State’s Attorneys Katie Rabenda and Mark Flesznewski, Victim  Witness Advocate Mallory Magee, Esther Borrego, former Victim Witness Advocate now with  the Children’s Advocacy Center, Legal Secretary Traci Jasper, and IT Specialist Braulio Guzman  for their work in this matter.