Glasgow Announces Jury Finds Francimore Guilty of Murder, Armed Robbery in 2018  Shooting Death of Nathan Ballard

Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow announces that a jury found Anthony Francimore, 25, of Joliet, guilty in the shooting death of Nathan Ballard in 2018. The jury deliberated for approximately 3 and a half hours before finding Francimore guilty of First Degree Murder and Armed Robbery (a Class X felony) following a five-day trial over which Circuit Judge Vincent Cornelius presided. The verdict came on the eve of the five-year anniversary of Ballard’s death.

On October 28, 2018, Francimore had arranged for a drug deal with 20-year-old Nathan Ballard on the east side of Joliet on the 500 block of Fox Street in Joliet Township. Francimore and
Elijah Watson had planned to rob Ballard of the $75 by pretending he was going to sell him ecstasy. It was this robbery that led to Ballard’s death. After Ballard paid, Francimore entered a
waiting vehicle containing four other occupants, including Elijah Watson in the front passenger seat. Both Ballard and his brother attempted to stop Francimore from leaving with the money, but Watson pointed a firearm at them, causing them to step away. As the car fled, Watson fired multiple shots in their direction, one fatally striking Nathan Ballard in the chest. Following the robbery Francimore used the robbery proceeds to buy drugs off Watson, before the two ultimately fled to the city to hide from police.

Sentencing is scheduled for January 15, 2024. Francimore is eligible for a sentence of 21 to 45 years to be served at 85 percent for armed robbery, and 20 to 60 years for murder to be served at 100 percent with a firearm enhancement of 15 years.