Governor Pritzker Issues Statement of Support for Puerto Rico

Governor JB Pritzker issued the following statement regarding the devastation from Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico:


“We stand in solidarity with our fellow American citizens in Puerto Rico, who are without power and experiencing severe flooding and mudslides due to Hurricane Fiona. I commend President Biden’s emergency declaration and any and all efforts to provide support and relief to the island’s people during this time of crisis, a sharp contrast to the inadequate Trump administration response to Hurricane Maria five years ago from which Puerto Rico is still rebuilding.  We must all do more to recognize our duty to those in Puerto Rico; to draw attention to these crises not only because they are tragic, but because too often Puerto Ricans are not allowed to speak for themselves. We must recognize at root that their inequitable place in this nation will push them to the sides. We stand with you.


Illinois has a large and vibrant community of Puerto Rican people, and I know many of these people are worrying about family and friends hundreds of miles away today. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.


Illinois will offer any and all necessary support to the victims of Hurricane Fiona as we have in past times of crisis. Over the last month, Illinois has welcomed hundreds of displaced people seeking asylum via the US Southern Border. Illinois is not in the business of turning away those in need, and we will continue to welcome these travelers and any Puerto Rican climate refugees seeking a safe place to land with all our available resources.”