Guerrero Takes Slim Lead for Final City Council Seat

The Will County Clerk’s office announced that Vote By Mail Ballots that had yet to be tabulated were counted at the clerks office on Wednesday morning. Vote By Mail Ballots that had yet to be tabulated were those that were received after the last Central Count on Friday, April 2. The Will County Clerk’s Office reported having 3,770 Vote By Mail Ballots to tabulate at the Central Count. In the race for Joliet City Council, incumbent Jan Quillman and newcomer Joe Clement were each elected to the open at-large City Council Seats. The third and final seat though saw longtime JJC trustee Bob Wunderlich leading Cesar Guerrero after the initial count on election night by just about a 55 vote margin. The latest count with the vote by mail ballots and the inclusion of Kendal County results now shows Guerrero leading Wunderlich by 9 votes with approximately 96 provisional ballots to be counted. Kendal will count their Vote By Mail Ballots and Provisional Ballots on Tuesday, April 20th.

The Will County Clerk’s office will hold the final count of the remaining provisional ballots on Tuesday, April 20th before finalizing the election. A candidate is allowed to request a recount if they so desire but there is no automatic recount provision in place.