Hanging Barricades To Prevent Trucks From Using Route 53 Are Gone

Does NorthPoint know something that we don’t?  Last month the City of Joliet asked IDOT for emergency use of an entrance/exit at NorthPoint Third Coast Intermodal at Route 53. When the project was approved initially, IDOT said it would not allow trucks to use this road, however the business park has been allowed to open because there is no way for trucks to come and go. A temporary restraining order put into place by CenterPoint disallows them to use CenterPoint’s private road system and Millsdale Road is not a possibility either. Therefore, at this point there is one way in and one way out, so Joliet asked IDOT for permission to use the entrance until everything is settled.

The structure in the picture was initially put up with chains and hanging barricades to prevent trucks from using Route 53, but the barricades have since been removed, leading WJOL listeners to assume that IDOT will give truckers to use this route.