Joliet has a new City Councilman. Herb Lande was approved by the Joliet City Council to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Don Dickinson last month. Lande has served as a member of the Fire and Police Commission since 2015. He also owns a successful construction business in Joliet. After the vote, which was 7-0 in favor, the new Councilman was immediately sworn in to his seat. Lande will also not be running for re-election in the spring municipal elections which had been a condition of any candidate that may have been nominated. Councilwoman Bettye Gavin abstained from voting due to close business connections her employee has with Mr. Lande although she did acknowledge that she was pleased with the nomination.

This is the second appointment that Bob O’Dekirk has made as mayor as he previously appointed Brooke Hernandez-Brewer to fill the seat of Jim MacFarland back in 2016.