Hero Saves Woman’s Life At Will County Courthouse

JOLIET – Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow says a woman overdosing at the Will County Courthouse Thursday was saved by the heroism of Jaclyn Sopcic, the lead Assistant State’s Attorney in the Will County Problem Solving Courts program established by Glasgow, and Dr. Scott DuBois, the program coordinator.

“The quick thinking and heroic actions of Jackie and Scott saved this woman from becoming another fatality in the battle against potent illegal drugs, often laced with deadly fentanyl, that dealers are selling today in Will County and throughout this nation,” Glasgow said. “To her credit, Jackie observed the woman’s condition and immediately determined that this likely was an overdose situation.”

According to Sopcic, she observed a woman who seemed to be propped against a man speaking with his attorney while sitting on a bench outside of a courtroom down the hall from Courtroom 401 in which Problem Solving Court matters are heard.

“I saw that the woman’s lips were literally blue and knew from my experience and the training I have received with the State’s Attorney’s Office on overdose intervention that this individual needed to receive Narcan immediately,” Sopcic said. “As I personally carry Narcan and also know that we keep it Courtroom 401 for our Problem Solving Courts program, I literally ran in high heels down the hall and grabbed a dose of Narcan from my handbag and a box containing two doses from the courtroom.”

DuBois ran with Sopcic back to the woman and administered the three doses of Narcan.

“State’s Attorney Glasgow understands the importance of being trained in administering Narcan and has made sure that all individuals working in our Problem Solving Courts program know how to administer Narcan. Here, even three doses were not sufficient to fully revive the woman. Fortunately, courthouse security personnel had been alerted to the situation by that time and administered two additional doses while rendering CPR,” DuBois said.

“A woman is alive today because our personnel had Narcan available and knew how to administer it,” Glasgow said. “To avert potential tragedy in the future, I will be making available to law enforcement an accessory to be worn on the belts of officers that will allow them to carry Narcan with them at all times. A few minutes can make the difference between life and death, as demonstrated by what happened today within the walls of our courthouse.”

In addition to Sopcic and DuBois, Glasgow thanked Dani Jorgensen of Family Guidance Center, a treatment provider who partners with the Problem Solving Court call, who provided two doses of Narcan. Glasgow also commended the following individuals with the  Will County Sheriff’s Office: Deputy Bryan Lukich, who administered chest compressions; Sgt. James Eiden, who arrived with a bag containing lifesaving equipment including Narcan and an automated external defibrillator and administered the fourth and fifth doses of Narcan; and Lieutenant Tom Omiecinski, who oversees courthouse security and directed the incident with the Joliet Fire Department and paramedics who safely transported the woman to the hospital.