Homeless Man Punches Liquor Store Employee In Joliet

A homeless man was arrested, processed, and released on a Notice to Appear in Court for Battery, Aggravated Assault, and Resisting/Obstructing a Peace Officer.

On September 22, 2023, at 7:44 PM, Joliet Officers responded to Consumer Liquors (1607 West Jefferson Street) for a report of a male trying to fight a store employee. Upon arrival, Officers
determined 31 year old Dennis Montgomery attempted to enter the store, but was initially refused entry by a male employee due to past issues that Montgomery has caused at the store. Montgomery ignored the employee and entered the store through a different door at which time he punched the employee in the back of the head and then left the store.

Officers located Montgomery at the nearby Speedway gas station (1621 West Jefferson Street). Officers attempted to place Montgomery into custody, but he resisted their efforts by pulling
away and taking a fighting stance toward Officers. He then attempted to walk away and threatened to punch Officers at which time Officers caught up to him and placed him into custody following a brief struggle.