Joliet City Councilman Larry E. Hug made it official at his October 24th fundraiser.  He wants to take the show on the road and go to Springfield as the Senator for the 49th District.  Announcing his candidacy for the March 17, 2020 Democratic primary, Hug vowed to do there what he has done here.

“Illinois is broke folks, we have a state to fix,” Hug announced to his supporters, “that’s why I’m officially announcing my candidacy as a Democrat in the race to choose a new Senator in our 49th District.”  To raucous applause and shouts from the audience of “Illinois needs a Hug”, he responded by saying, “I’ve gone from 95% certain to 110% positive.” 

Hug has served as a Joliet City Councilman since first being elected in 2011. 

Larry Hug with supporters at this October campaign event.