NorthPoint Installs Sign To Stop Trucks From Using Route 53 near Third Coast Intermodal

Construction continues on NorthPoint’s first buildings in Joliet on the westside of Route 53. However, there are issues with how the traffic will flow in and around the 3 million + square feet of warehouse space called the Third Coast Intermodal.

NorthPoint asked for and received permission from Illinois Department of Transportation to put an entrance/exit off of Route 53 for vehicles only while the trucks are going to be using Millsdale Road to directly get out of the hub.
Skeptics are questioning whether or not out of town truck drivers will adhere to the rules of the Route 53 entrance/exit so in order to keep that from happening, NorthPoint has installed a truck barrier that will prevent trucks from using it.
One WJOL listener who drove on the road said, “this is a nice effort, but there is a drive around road that trucks can still use to avoid the barrier”.