IDPH: Illinois Schools May Be Potential Exposure Location For COVID-19

The Illinois Department of Public Health releasing a pie chart showing where COVID-19 respondents visited 14 days prior to getting the virus. Across the state, 42% of respondents through contact tracing visited a school. In Region 7 it is 39.6%. IDPH says an individual case may have more than one location attributed to them because that person visited several locations in the 14-day exposure period.

The data collected through contact tracing is gathered by asking people to recall locations visited in the 14 days preceding symptom onset or specimen collection if symptoms are not present.

Locations provided by individuals should be interpreted as locations where COVID-19 exposure may have occurred, not that these are definitive exposure or outbreak locations.

Statewide the “hospital or clinic” represented 5.81%, “restaurants and bars” made up for 5.05% and “other” was listed by respondents 9.29%. Again these percentages are not a conclusion of where individuals contracted COVID but only the places where they visited 14 days prior to getting the virus. To see the pie chart go to our website,



The IDPH released the data, click here for more information.