Illinois among worst states in the country for potholes

Drivers in Illinois pay the second highest gas tax in the country. Despite that, Illinois is near the top of the list for the states with the worst pothole problem.

study by QuoteWizard says Illinois is the 7th worst state for potholes. Midwestern states dominate the top ten with Indiana, Michigan and Ohio also making an appearance.

Researcher Nick VinZant said pothole damage costs U.S. drivers $3 billion a year with the average cost for repairs around $300.

“But you can spend a lot more than that very quickly because we have seen instances where people are having their alignment gets knocked off, you’re messing with the suspension, even the frame if you are hitting the Mariana Trench of potholes,” said VinZant.

Researchers at QuoteWizard looked at Google search statistics going back to 2004. They found that Washington has more searches for pothole-related complaints than any other states.

A couple Illinois cities made the top-50 list for the worst pothole problems. Champaign ranked 32nd and Chicago came in at number 41. Yakima, Washington topped the list.

Illinoisans may file a claim if their vehicle is damaged by a pothole. Drivers with such damage can call the Illinois Department of Transportation or go to their website and fill out a form to report a pothole. The same form can be used to file a claim.

VinZant said Illinoisans should get used to potholes for a while because we are entering primetime when it comes to encountering the dreaded road hazard.

“When you get moisture, it seeps into the roadway, it is still cool enough where it freezes and expands, and this is kind of pothole-forming season right now,” said VinZant.

The Tax Foundation has Illinois as the second highest gas tax state in the Untied States, behind only California. Illinois’ gas tax is the highest in the Midwest.

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