Illinois Nurses Association Continue To Fight For Workers At OLA

Another chapter in the ongoing Our Lady of Angels closure was written yesterday as a handful of nurses walked the picket line at the west side facility. Illinois Nurses Association organizer Jessica Pruett told WJOL that Monday’s picket was more informational to let the community know what’s happening. Workers are fed up with management at OLA as workers feel they have been retaliated against as one worker was fired, and another was illegally denied the use of FMLA.  OLA  is set to closed February 28th. The Illinois Nurses Association voted to unionize at OLA in August.

There were 12 workers picketing and rotating between working and picketing. Pruett says OLA is an institution and want OLA to remain open and are continuing contract negotiations. They are wanting to secure best severance package.

Illinois Nurses Association outside of OLA in Joliet

WJOL has learned there are still 12-15 residents who do not have a place to go and time is running out. Earlier reports that all but 5 residents have secured a bed were inaccurate.


You can hear the entire interview by clicking here.