Illinois State Police Unveils Final Design of New Illinois State Police Regional Campus

The Illinois State Police (ISP) today unveiled the design for the new Illinois State  Police Regional Campus comprised of the Illinois State Police Forensic Laboratory and Illinois  State Police Troop 3 and Zone 1 Headquarters. The buildings were designed to increase ISP’s  forensic testing and scientific examinations capabilities throughout Illinois, and will house  Division of Patrol Troop 3 and Division of Criminal Investigation Zone 1. This campus will  provide a safe, secure, and sustainable environment that supports the highest professional  standards of forensic science testing and law enforcement to protect public safety. 

“As ISP evolves from a traffic patrol agency created more than 100 years ago, to an agency that  now combats drug, gun, and human trafficking in addition to traffic enforcement, we need the  physical infrastructure that can support our work,” said ISP Director Brendan F. Kelly. “Thanks  to Governor JB Pritzker’s administration and the General Assembly, ISP is able to move into the  21st century and advance our forensic services, patrol, and investigation capabilities to better serve  Illinois communities.”  

A combined campus for patrol, investigations, and forensic services will enhance operational  efficiencies and allow ISP to combine several work locations, reducing yearly repair and  maintenance costs. The two buildings are approximately 75,000 square feet on 12 acres of land adjacent to an existing ISP building and firing range. 

The new state-of-the-art laboratory will replace the current Joliet Forensic Science Laboratory  built in 1964. The laboratory will include space for testing DNA, firearms, latent prints, controlled  substances, footwear/tire tracks, and toxicology, along with areas for processing crime scene  evidence. 

The new ISP Troop 3 and Zone 1 Headquarters will house both patrol and investigations. The  building will contain several offices, training rooms, interview rooms, an evidence area, and a  large garage for vehicle storage and inspection work. 

The project is part of the $45 billion Rebuild Illinois Capital Plan and is managed by the Illinois  Capital Development Board (CDB). The total cost for the ISP combined campus project is  estimated to be just over $76.5 million. RADA Architects created the designs for the project,  which will be put out for bid in Spring 2024. 

Illinois State Police Forensic Lab/ISP Provided Photo